Strawberry season is here.  This year make sure the berries you pick are ripe and sweet.  Here is a little advice on picking that perfect berry:

  • Look for an even red color, especially in the shoulders
  • Caps should be green, not brown and dried-out
  • Some strawberries will have whiter/lighter tips, but should not be excessive
  • Larger size does not mean less flavor
  • Should have a strawberry aroma
  • There should not be a puddle of juice or mashed berries in the bottom of the basket
  • Inspect for mold
  • Look how your berries are stored, especially in a grocery store where the berries are likely to have been off the vine for a longer amount of time.  They should be in a refrigerated case for optimum freshness.

When you get the strawberries home:

  • Do not wash before you put them in the refrigerator
  • Either store them in  their original basked or transfer to another covered container lined with a paper towel

To freeze:

  • Mix equal amounts of sugar and water in a saucepan. Stir the mix over medium heat until sugar is dissolved. Cool the mixture completely. Place the washed strawberries into a freezer bag and pour enough of the mix to completely cover the strawberries. Seal and freeze the bags in a single layer

To prepare:

  • Rinse strawberry whole under running water, then dry on a towell
  • Remove cap after rinsing, this way the berry does not fill up with water
  • Cut to desired size

Where to find pick your own strawberry farms in the greater New York area:


Delayed produce

April 19, 2006

Well it looks like people will see the impact on things like strawberries and asparagus for a while longer.  Due to the tremendous amount of rain hitting the central coast of California.  This has been of the wettest years in memory.  Having visisted the coast this past Easter weekend I can vouch that it was pouring out there.  On a side note the hills are a brilliant green, a view that is worth the rain.